Business Fee Waiver

 In General

Brisbane City Council will waive all charges, rents, levies and permit fees effective immediately for all businesses, as they face economic hardship caused by coronavirus impacts.

The $7.9 million business relief package will apply to businesses and council lessees who will have a range of fees and charges waived for the next three months.

There will be a moratorium on fees and charges for footpath and outdoor dining, food safety permits, commercial river moorings, advertising, temporary food stalls, commercial lease rents and commercial stalls, booths and stands. Lease fees for community organisations will also be waived.

We will do everything we can to support our businesses through this extraordinary time and business charges, rent, fees or permits required to be paid will be waived until at least June 30, 2020. Businesses that have paid these fees since March 1, will have them refunded.

We will also be refunding all fees or charges for events cancelled due to COVID-19.

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