Local Parks

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Local Parks

Find the location of parks in Stafford and information about their facilities. These are the parks which fall within the McDowall Ward (west of Appleby Road). 

Park Name Location Facilities 
Boles Street Park 46 Ogden Street Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, picnic area, playground (Fogarty Street), sporting field (Boles Street), water (bubbler & tap)
Keong Park (Turner Playground) 38 Appleby Road Activity space, barbecue (electric), basketball court, fitness station, picnic area (Quandeine Street, Teevan Street), playground – fully fenced (Teevan Street), performance space, sport facility, shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Keong Park Community Centre
  • Stafford Scouts
  • Stafford and District Meals on Wheels.
Roy Harvey Park 34 Byth Street Barbecue (electric), dog off-leash area, picnic area with bubbler/drinking fountain, playground, public toilet, sporting fields
Shand Street Park (no. 100) 100 Shand Street Dog off-leash area, skate facility & basketball court, shared pathway, access and car parking, water (bubbler)
Sheehy Street Park 45 Shand Street Playground
Sparkes Hill Reserve 101 Shand Street Restoration site (Sparkes Hill Bushcare Group)

Find the location of parks in Stafford Heights and information about their facilities.

Park Name Location Facilities 
Aldren Street 1 Maryland Street Picnic area, playground and water (bubbler/tap)
Amott Street Park 20 Ringrose Street Playground, shared pathway and seating
Broula Park 55 Dorrigo Street Playground and water (bubbler)
Flockton Street Park 2 Lanchester Street Playground, seating, water (bubbler)
Grey Gum Park 822 Rode Road Dog off-leash area (Remick Street) – includes dog off-leash area for small dogs, fitness trail, playground (Costello Place), picnic area, shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)
Heilbromm Street Park 51 Heilbromm Street Shared Pathway
Parton Street Park 24 Parton Street Shared Pathway
Sedgemoor Street Park 1 Woodward Street Playground, seating and water (bubbler/tap)
Venetia Street Park 65 Remick Street Playground (Delting Street)
Webster Road Park (Webster Road Quarry) 422 Webster Road Dog off-leash area, skate facility, access and car parking, outdoor fitness station, shared pathway, picnic area and water (bubblers/drinking fountains)
Park Location Facilities 
Beckett Road Park 60 Paramount Circuit Basketball half court, playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl), seating
Bisset Place Park 26 Bisset Place Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter (Sinatra Crescent), out fitness/exercise equipment, playground (Sinatra Crescent), water (bubbler/tap/bowl), shared pathway
Chermside Hills Reserve 31 Walker Street Bushland, car park, circuit track (Giwadha), picnic area/shelter, playground, restoration site (Cabbage Tree Kids Bushcare Group), water (bubbler/tap)
Dr Valentine McDowall Park (previously known as Streisand Drive Park) 99 Streisand Drive Barbecue (electric), outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, pathway and skate trail, picnic area/shelter, playgrounds (Carides Place & De Vito Place), water (bubbler)
Gum Nut Nook 27 Boulting Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Hoffman Street Park 2 De Mille Street Access (Chermside Hills), cricket pitch
Laurina Crescent Park 6 Laurina Crescent Playground
Lyell Crescent Park 40 Lyell Crescent
Malaga Street Park 70 Malaga Street Water (bubbler/taps)
Margaret Street Park 29 Margaret Street Playground, seating
McLeod Court Park 36 Margaret Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, water (bubbler/tap)
McDowall Reserve 1069 Hamilton Road Barbecue (electric), basketball half court (Stallone Circuit), picnic area/shelter, playground (Stallone Circuit), restoration site (McDowall Bushcare Group), shared pathway network, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Old Northern Road Park (no. 315) 315 Old Northern Road
Ponti Street Park 27 Ponti Street
Savalas Street Park 52 Savalas Street
Solar Park 128 Streisand Drive Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter (Elipse Street), playground (Eclipse Street)
Sunset Place Park 19 Sunset Place Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)
Tranquil Place Park 23 Pidgeonberry Street
Tuckeroo Street Park 51 Tuckeroo Street Seat
Ustinov Crescent Park (Soroptomists Retreat) 57 Beckett Road Activity Space (Landis Street), Basketball half-court, playground, seating, shared pathway, water (bubbler)

Find the location of parks in Everton Park and information about their facilities.


Parks Location Facilities
Ballinderry Street Park 17 Ballinderry Street Playground
Brook Street Park 20 Brook Street Bike rack, seat, shared pathway, water (bubbler)
Burwood Road Park 23 Brook Street Shared pathway
Fallon Park 30 Fallon Street Everton Park Library, Fallon House (Stafford Rotary Club), Car Park (Fallon Park Bowls Club), playground, public toilet and seating.
John Tucker Park 7 Holloway Drive Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground and shared pathway
Kitto Court Park 9 Barrett Place Playground, seat and pathway
Old Northern Road Park 128 Old Northern Road
Pullen Road Park 266 Osborne Road Bikeway and rehabilitation site (Osborne Road Bushcare Group)
Single Street Park (Road Reserve) 17 Single Street
Soames Street 34 Soames Street Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, cricket net, picnic area/shelter, playground, water (bubbler/taps) and pathway
South Pine Park 400 South Pine Road
Teralba Park 120 Pullen Road Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, bikeway (Kedron Brook, Burwood Road), BMX Facility, car park (Gordon Parade, Osborne Road, Pullen Road), Cultural Heritage Site (Sorry Site), Dog Off-Leash Area (Burwood Road), outdoor fitness/exercise trail, picnic area/shelter (Pullen Road), Playground, Sporting Fields, Water (drinking fountains) and Wi-Fi.

Find the location of parks in Bridgeman Downs and information about their facilities.


Park Name Location Facilities 
Albany Creek Road Park (no. 245) 245 Albany Creek Road Pathway
Albany Creek Road Park  534 Albany Creek Road Playground
Bangalow Street Park (no. 192) Bangalow Street and Cotswold Place Palyground and pathway
Camelot Place Park 157 Camelot Place
Cassidy Crescent Park 52 Cassidy Crescent
Clarrie Beckingham Reserve (Saturn Crescent Bushland Reserve) 114 Saturn Crescent Shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)
Coolabah Crescent Park 27A Coolabah Crescent Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, BMX track and cricket nets, outdoor fitness/exercise station, picnic area/shelter, playground (Cabbage Tree Creek), shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap). 
Darien Street Park (no. 29) Darien Street, off Beckett Road Sporting facility, car park, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)
Fiddlewood Place Park 46 Arbour Street Picnic area/shelter, barbecue, playground and water (bubbler/tap)
Flametree Street Park 33 Flametree Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground and water (bubbler/tap)
Goldberg Place Park 165 Althorp Road  Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playground, cricket pitch, shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)
Habitat Place Park  6 Habitat Place
Idonia Street Park 66 Idonia Street
Jim Wilding Reserve (previously known as Tallowwood Place Park) 35 Tallowwood Place Dog Off-Leash Area (Karri Place), outdoor fitness/exercise, shared pathway network and water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Kensington Place Park 46 Chelsea Cresecent Bikeway
Laguna Place Park 15 Laguna Place
Myrtle Crescent Park 40 Bangalow Street
Parkview Place Park 70 Darien Street Shared pathway
Roghan Road Park (no. 2105) 2105 Roghan Road
Travorten Drive Park 1 Travorten Drive Picnic Area/Shelter, playground, pathway, water (drinking fountain)
Wattle Close Park 19 Wattle Close
Wendon Way Park 70 Darien Street Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, outdoor fitness/exericise equipment, picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway, water (bubblers/tap)

Find the location of parks in Chermside West and information about their facilities.


Park Name Location Facilities 
Frederick Annand Park 632 Webster Road Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, picnic area/shelter, playground and water (bubblers/tap)
Hamilton Road Park 694 Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road Quarry Park 825 Hamilton Road Sports field and water (bubbler/tap)
Huxtable Park 61 Maundrell Terrace Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, bikeway network, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playground, picnic area/shelter
John Goss Reserve (previously known as Kenna Street Park) 51 Kenna Street Accessible toilet, barbecue (electric), Dog Off-Leash Area, playground, picnic area/shelter, water (bubblers/drinking fountain) and outdoor fitness/exercise station. 
Martindale Street Park 95 Stringybark Drive Barbecue, bikeway, Dog Off-Leash area, netball half grass court, outdoor fitness/exercise trail, picnic area/shelter, playground, water (bubbler/tap). 
Melaleuca Green Park 54 Maundrell Terrace Cricket nets, playground, shared pathway network, water (bubbler/tap)
Milne Hill Reserve 801 Hamilton Road Bushland, shared pathway and track (Pomax)
Raven Street Reserve 815 Rode Road Barbecue (electric), basketball half court and picnic shelters, bushland, car park, Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, Downfall Creek Senses Trail, toilets (Downfall Creek)
Whites Road Park 751 Hamilton Road Picnic area/shelter and playground 

Find the location of parks in Aspley and information about their facilities.


Park Name Location Facilities
Albany Creek Road Park (No. 76) 76 Albany Creek Road
Aspley Reservoir Park 43D Lawrence Road
Ben Lomond Street Park 74 Ben Lomond Street Basketball half court, cricket net, playground, shared pathways, water (tap, bubblers)
Dorville Road Park 825 Zillmere Road
Fred Campbell Park 748 Zillmere Road Picnic area/shelter, playground and shared pathway
Harry Kirby Park 29 Kirby Road Playground and shared pathway network
Hawera Crescent Park 23 Kakanui Street Bikeway, picnic area/shelter and playground
Hedley Barker Park 26 Stonycroft Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area and playground
Ironwood Street Park 111 Ironwood Street
Marathon Street Park 36 Marathon Street
Marchant Park 1105 Gympie Road Cricket facility, Dog Off-Leash Area, picnic area/shelters with electric barbecues, playgrounds, outdoor fitness/exercise station, shared pathway network, soccer facility, toilets, water bubblers. 
Railton Street Park 114A Albany Creek Road
Rainbow Lorikeet Park 25 Croker Street Picnic area/shelter with wood barbecue, playground and shared pathway
Spencer Street Park 22A Spencer Street
Stringybark Drive Park 25 Stringybark Drive Outdoor fitness/exercise stations and shared pathway
Turrbal Place Park 26 Turrbal Place Access to shared pathway, barbecue (electric), outdoor fitness/exercise station, playground, picnic area/shelter with water bubblers.
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