Protecting Domestic Violence Victims
Domestic and family violence is an insidious crime that tears families apart and strikes fear into victims and their loved ones. More needs to be done, that’s why the LNP will deliver the strong reforms that the community expects.

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WiFi for Tourism
The LNP’s plan for digital tourism will increase coverage of free WiFi in local communities and key tourism locations across the state.

An LNP Government will promote our key tourism destinations through increased use of social and digital media, to ensure we get more than our fair share of interstate and international tourists.

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Plastic Bag Free QLD
The LNP will work for a nationally-consistent approach to phasing out single-use plastic bags to bring Queensland in line with other States and Territories.

An LNP Government will work with New South Wales and Victoria to develop a nationally consistent approach that would see the end of single-use plastic bags.

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No Body, No Parole
The LNP will deny parole to convicted killers if they refuse to assist in revealing the location of their victims – ensuring that the scales of justice are balanced in favour of the victim, rather than the offender.
Queenslanders will be safer under an LNP Government focused on improving community safety for everyone by reducing crime and supporting victims of crime.
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Taking Ice Off Our Streets
Ice use in regional and remote communities has increased alarmingly in recent years. Queensland needs a targeted, comprehensive plan, which complements the National Ice Action Plan, to tackle this issue and take ice off our streets.
The LNP has a solid record of tackling drug use in Queensland. An LNP Government will implement a comprehensive, five-point action plan to take ice off our streets through crime prevention, drug addiction services and strong enforcement.
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Empowering Survivors of Child Sex Abuse >
The LNP wants Queensland to be the safest place to raise a family. In reaching that goal, helping survivors of child sex abuse is an important part of learning the lessons of past societal injustices.
An LNP Government will remove the limitation of claims, as recommended by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, to allow survivors the opportunity to seek justice in their own time.
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Great Barrier Reef Pledge
The LNP strongly supports boosting global awareness of the Great Barrier Reef and the substantial work Queenslanders do to protect this natural wonder.
An LNP Government will support the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef initiative to encourage informed social action to promote and protect the Great Barrier Reef.
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Cash for Containers
An LNP Government will implement a Container Deposit Scheme to clean up Queensland and better protect our environment. 

The LNP is committed to protecting and cleaning-up local areas. In government the LNP implemented the $12 million Everyone’s Environment program to help community groups clean-up local areas, local parks and bushlands.

Our commitment to a container deposit scheme is the next step to protecting our environment right here at home.

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Royalties for Regions
An LNP Government will reinstate and refine the flagship Royalties for Regions program to boost jobs and help regional communities meet critical infrastructure needs. 
The LNP’s commitment to restore Royalties for Regions will help unlock the economic potential of regional Queensland to improve our communities and create more jobs.
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Our Plan to Get QLD Working
Our plan will provide up to 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders, reduce the cost of working for young apprentices and incentivise businesses to train and retain young Queenslanders. 

In Government, the LNP made strong progress in providing real pathways to jobs for our kids. We increased funding for vocational education and training and we empowered industry so that we are training our young people for the high-quality jobs our economy needs. 

While a lot was achieved, there is still a lot more to do and we need to build on that platform to Get Queensland Working.
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Car Rego Fairness Pledge
An LNP Government will make sure future car registration increases are fair and affordable for families.

The LNP will ensure any increases to family car rego are capped at the inflation rate.

This is part of our plan to keep the cost of living for Queensland families under control.

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Child Safety – Mason’s Law
The LNP Opposition took action and passed laws to amend the Child Protection Act that make reporting obligations for the Early Childhood Education and Care sector mandatory.

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Noosa Hospital Guarantee
An LNP Government will guarantee the continuation of local public health services through the Noosa Hospital well into the future.

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Petrol Price Transparency
The LNP will ensure Queenslanders get a fair go at the petrol bowser.

The LNP will ensure fuel retailers display the undiscounted price of the most popular petrol product at the top of the petrol price board.

This will make sure motorists know the true cost of filling up the family car and don’t get a shock at the bowser.

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