Adjournment - Queensland Parliament - 7 September 2017

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The open and consultative mantra of this Labor government is nothing but hollow words—just ask the people of Carseldine. This October marks one year since the Deputy Premier and the member for Sandgate, without any warning to locals, stood on the former QUT Carseldine campus, held a press conference, showed off some pretty artist impression drawings and callously foisted this development on Carseldine residents. What is more, this is a Deputy Premier who comes into this chamber and spruiks her greenness at any opportunity, but the reality is that this is a Deputy Premier who is determined to ram through a plan that will turn playing fields, bushland and green space into a medium-density urban residential development with over 900 dwellings that will house 2,000 residents.

It is one year of the Palaszczuk Labor government treating the concerns of Carseldine locals with contempt. It is one year of ignoring the real concerns of local residents about their community and the impacts that this type of development brings. I recently met with Economic Development Queensland, and it is clear that the Deputy Premier—the worst infrastructure and planning minister this state has ever seen—is insistent on forging ahead with this project in its current form. I asked EDQ if the plan could at least be changed to have a green buffer along Beams Road to preserve some of the bushland. The response was no. That is because the consultation process was framed towards getting the outcome that the government want, not what the residents want.

When the government could not get support from the local community, they paid people in focus groups who lived outside the electorate in order to look like there was support for the project. What a sham! This is what local residents are saying to me. One resident wrote:

We are disappointed like the hundreds of Carseldine residents that oppose the planned Carseldine Urban Village. There seems to be no forward planning to cope with the increased traffic. Good playing fields are to be ripped up and replaced. This project is selling off a Government asset to housing developers.

Another has asked me, ‘What more can we do to actually make sure our community’s concerns are not just heard but considered?’

It is time for the Deputy Premier to jump off one of the few trains that she has running to come to the Aspley electorate and speak to the locals to hear their concerns firsthand, because to date she has not had the guts to accept our invitation. This just shows the arrogance of this government. Their lack of concern for our community has no bounds, and don’t Carseldine residents know it. As much as this government tries to spin it, the fact is that the land that the development will sit on will be sold. Let me be clear: this government is breaking their word not to sell assets. This is an asset sale.

This whole process has been insulting to residents living in Carseldine, but it has become characteristic of the Palaszczuk Labor government and the Deputy Premier not to listen and to say one thing and do another.

7 NEWS - Carseldine Residents Protest Over Plan - 12 August 2017

Carseldine residents protest over development plan

A proposed redevelopment of the old QUT Campus in Carseldine has come under fire from local residents. Hundreds gathered to protest the state government's plans to build an Urban Village.hat would include new residential and sporting facilities. Latest Queensland stories: #7News

Posted by 7 News Brisbane on Saturday, 12 August 2017

Adjournment - Queensland Parliament - 14 February 2017

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Carseldine Urban Village

In my electorate the streets of Carseldine are awash with yellow as locals demonstrate and send a message to the Palaszczuk-Trad government. Local residents feel invisible and unheard as the government progresses its plan for the development of the Carseldine Urban Village without a genuine robust consultation process.

Over the Christmas closure, the Deputy Premier responded to a petition from over 1,500 concerned locals who are ropable. They have objected loudly and collectively to the government forging ahead with the development of the old QUT campus site and adjoining green space into an urban village with 900 new dwellings that will be home to 2,500-plus people, as I said, without any genuine consultation taking place. The Deputy Premier rests her planning for this residential development on community consultation that took place back in 2011 when the former Labor government first floated the urban village proposal.

To base a significant development within a community without taking any account of demographic changes over the past six years or local impacts is outrageous. The Deputy Premier knows that this development will have a significant impact on the lifestyle of the many locals who have worked hard all their lives to nestle into this lovely suburban community. The Deputy Premier knows that when the former QUT campus site develops into the urban village, locals will lose their precious playing fields and green space. The Deputy Premier knows that this development will increase traffic congestionalong clogged Beams Road and Dorville Road—

Madam DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms Farmer): Order! There are a lot of members standing around
talking and it is quite distracting for the member for Aspley. Could I ask people to take their seats.

Ms DAVIS: The development will increase traffic congestion along already clogged Beams Road
and Dorville Road, back streets will be cluttered with parked cars, green space will be lost and flora and
fauna will be devastated. The Deputy Premier also knows that any money that comes from the sale of
the land to be developed needs to go back into improving infrastructure that will be impacted locally. To date we have not had that assurance from her. The Deputy Premier’s commentary on this development, both in her response to the petition and in her statements on the floor of this House, have shown her arrogance and have been nothing more than a bit of a pitch to silence the masses who object to these plans.

All the Carseldine locals want is for this government to listen to their concerns and to be heard
and, importantly, to be given the opportunity to influence outcomes that impact on their local community.

Perhaps the Deputy Premier could afford some time for our locals in Carseldine. Maybe she will get on
one of those trains that she is now supposed to be fixing and head down to Carseldine Railway Station,
after all it is just next door.

2017 New Year Message


15 January 2017

Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed a relaxing Christmas with your family and friends.

Over the Christmas closure period I received a letter from the Clerk of the Parliament enclosing the response from the Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad to the paper and ePetition re the Carseldine Urban Development. I have attached a copy of Ms Trad’s letter for you. (Click here)

It is clear from Ms Trad’s response that the Queensland Government is progressing this development without the full consultation process that the petition called for. I am still committed to the intent of the petition which allows the concerns of locals to be heard and for residents to have the opportunity to influence outcomes for the community.

Please be assured that I will keep you informed of any new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, should you have any queries or require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact my Electorate Office on 3554 7100 or by email at

Kindest regards